You should apply if you have:

Minimum qualifications

● Excellent problem solving skills and got right attitude to work in fast paced environments

● Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent practical experience

● 2 to 4(SDE 2), 4 to 7(SDE3) years of experience in software development using JavaScript / GoLang / Java / Scala and with data structures/algorithms

Preferred qualifications

● Strong in Object Oriented Programming and Design Patterns.

● You have experience of working closely with the product and design teams to deliver the product that materially impacts the business and improves the customer experience

● You follow SOLID principles and have experience with microservice architecture, have designed and implemented high performance scalable services/APIs.

● You have experience with component based architectures, PWA, Service workers, UI patterns and libraries most preferably ReactJS / NextJS

● Write client side high performant applications & develop prototypes

● Experience working with Node, NestJS / Express.

● Experience working with PostgreSQL, Redshift, Dynamo, Mongo and Cassandra databases.

● Experience working with RabbitMQ, Kafka.

● You constantly learn and adopt best practices at work, keeping in mind app performance, security, and scalability.

● You have experience working in distributed systems and built/designed systems to failover, event streaming, caching strategies

● You have experience with Docker/Kubernetes in AWS or any cloud computing platforms. And, are familiar with CI/CD processes.

Kudos if you already have:

● Great communication and team collaboration skills